An OnLine Spectral Search ENgine using Python with Spark, Flask, and AngularJS

Our engine provides a RESTful-like API to perform on-line spectral search for proteomics spectral data. It is based on the SpectraST algorithm for spectral search and uses PRIDE Cluster spectral libraries. It also features an AngularJS web user interface.

You can view the whole project on GitHub.


Olssen Web Service

The server is buit for scalability and performance working with big datasets. It uses Flask on top of CherryPy’s server and performs its spectral searches using an engine based on Apache Spark clusters.

Olssen GUI

The client Web Application can be used on top of the web service and is ideal for data visualisation and individual spectral search.

center center

This GUI AngularJS project is generated with yo angular generator version 0.12.0.


These are some IPython/Jupyter notebooks to explore different spectral search concepts and procedures used in our on-line search server.

Loading a PRIDE Cluster library into a Spark RDD